Fall Trip to NJ and RI

So what exactly have we been up to in the non-blogging interim?  Hard to believe it was almost a year ago – but my sister and I took a trip last October to visit kids, grand kids, brothers and other family in New Jersey and Rhode Island.  For this trip, the gypsy chihuahua had her own vacation with her cousins in North Port – staying behind in her own puppy park for almost two weeks.

We were planning to head up I-95, but Hurricane Matthew decided to hit the coast the weekend before our departure, so parts of I-95 were damaged, flooded and closed, along with almost all of the campgrounds where we had reservations.  We had to go west to go north, staying in a lovely state park in Georgia, and not-so-lovely RV park somewhere in Virginia, I think.

All in all it was a good trip to our destinations – my son in Jersey City and Lil’s in Bloomingdale.  We split up for a few days to be with our respective families, then regrouped with the RV and headed to our brother’s house in Rhode Island.

We went straight to the local fish house, where my brother bought lobsters for our dinner.  You just can’t get good, fresh lobster in Florida, so this was a special treat.  Rhode Island was not what I expected – not really sure what that was either – but I fell in love with the Wakefield and Narragansett areas almost immediately.  There is an RV park very near the beach at the Charleston Breachway.  Since we were staying with my brother and parked in his driveway, we didn’t camp there but it certainly looked lovely.

One of my favorite stops was Moonstone Beach.  I admit to collecting a handful of wonderful moon stones and other magnificent beach rocks – another thing you don’t find in Florida.

The highlight of our trip home – this time via the shorter I-95 route, was by far Amelia Island – but that’s another post.

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