Fort Clinch State Park – Amelia Island


The Atlantic Ocean is just beyond the trees behind the RV.  We arrived back in Florida late in the afternoon – and called ahead to Fort Clinch State Park on Amelia Island for a reservation.  When we arrived at the Ranger Station, the ranger told us there was one site left, and apologetically said “it’s on the beach.”   I think he was pulling our chains a bit.

This beautiful state park is on Florida’s northernmost barrier island – Amelia.  The brick Fort Clinch dates back to 1847 and was named in honor of General Duncan Lamont Clinch.   The only battle to occur at Clinch was when Union troops recaptured the fort in 1862 after Confederate forces seized control the previous year. Fort Clinch served as the base of Union operations in the area throughout the Civil War.

By Ebyabe - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The beach is wild and unspoiled – what we like to call the “real Florida.”  No condos, no businesses, no bathers or beachgoers on that day at least.  Just wild beach!

Another interesting site, along the road to the campground, was this ruin of an old oil house.  Apparently Amelia Island was an important shipping port.  The oil house stored the sperm whale oil used to light the lighthouse, giving ships safe passage to the harbor.





Fort Clinch has been added to one of my favorite places in Florida, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again.




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