Hurricanes and Diamonds

It’s been just over a week since Hurricane Irma made her move through Florida.  Living in an RV full time, especially when home-base is in Florida, requires a special kind of diligence when it comes to weather.  So as the hurricane models were suggesting a possible Florida hit, I decided it was time to go.


I left my usual camp on the Peace River and went to Ocala, first stop on a long trip north to safety.  I-75 was already a slow-moving parking lot, and I drove 600+ miles at an average 35 mph.  I felt a bit guilty about leaving family behind, but they all chose to shelter in place in their homes – all of which had hurricane reinforcements.  Fortunately there was only minor damage and everyone remained safe.  Peace River camp did  not fare as well – and I am thankful that I listened to my spidey senses and evacuated when I did.



We are now in this lovely park called Diamond Caverns, in south-central Kentucky.  I’m enjoying lower humidity, cooler nights, cooler days, and natural grass without fire ants. This is Miss Mia’s first journey out of Florida, and her head is swimming with new smells and life challenges.

Like walking.  The first time I took her out after arriving at camp, I thought she was sick or something.  She was tiptoeing, literally, and moving very slowly, head down, ears flat.  Miraculously, when she hit the grass, she was normal again.  Of course!  The Princess has never had to walk on pebbles and stones.  She is a Florida girl, accustomed to soft sugar sand between her toes.


Yes I know, she needs her nails trimmed. But even after her manicure,  this was NOT suitable footing for a Princess.


Much better!  Life is good.

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