I Don’t Want to Talk About It

I’ll just say that this blog vacation has done some good, and I’m ready to blog Natural Notes again.  I know I’ve said that before, but apparently, I wasn’t as ready as I thought, and that’s all I’m going to offer on that subject.  Thanks to all of the folks who keep reading and commenting and reminding me that this blog is still being visited, in spite of my neglect.  Amazing to me. Thank you.

So, in a nutshell, so to speak,  here’s a rundown of the past few months:

Cats – about 12 I think, we’ve stopped counting.  Most stay outside, much to my chagrin, but they are neutered or spayed and mostly feral, and don’t seem to have an interest in hunting after they are neutered.    The rest are  fixtures around the house.  All are strays or offspring of strays we haven’t been able to neuter or spay yet.

Dogs – holding at four.

House – still finishing the remodel we started 3 years ago.  Does it ever end?  Have to finish the flooring now.  Big job.

Work – I’ve had a pretty good year actually with my primitives shop – Cave Creek Primitives.  Started selling wholesale which boosted my workload, but bought lots of cat food.

Nature – Out and about as much as I’m able.  Started walking with my friend Brenda, up and down the hills here, about 2 miles almost every day.  Weight coming off slowly and heart still working, so I’m good.

Resolutions – It’s not January yet so I’m still thinking about it.

Pretty boring, huh?   Today is absolutely gorgeous outside. . hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  It feels more like September out there, the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to open all the windows and turn off the heat (yay!).   If this is Global Warming, I’m all for it.  Just kidding – I like warm weather and dislike winter, what can I say?


Garden Dreaming

This is Milo (the kitten in this post). What can I say?  He’s a little strange….but very adaptable.  And yes, he does have a nice, comfortable bed.

Cats, Snakes, and Trash Cans

So last night I’m working peacefully on my laptop on the bed before calling it a night.  My hubs is working in the music studio so I’m alone in the house and everything is quiet – except for my two cats, Claudia and Max, who are softly playing with something in the kitchen. .probably one of their toys.  After a few minutes I realize they’ve walked their toy into the bedroom and are sitting in the doorway, staring intently at the floor.  Then it hits me – they don’t actually have any toys.  I can’t see the floor for the edge of the bed..but I figure I probably should check this out. Whatever it is, it’s probably not good.  Claudia has a litter of kittens in the laundry room, and she probably has brought them a mouse.  Probably.

I don’t want a poor mutilated mouse in the bedroom.  So I get up and walk around the edge of the bed to see what’s so interesting and … SNAKE!  The freakin’ cats are toying with a live, slitherin’ snake!

Photo Courtesy LearnNC site; and The Beach Ranch Post, Texas

Good thing I’m the naturalist-type and not a screamer.  Closer inspection revealed it was a harmless ring-necked snake, but since my naturalist tendencies end at picking up snakes, I opted for the bathroom trash can and a wooden spatula.  Of course, while I was fetching the utensils of release, Claudia chased the thing under the bed, which then required moving furniture around at midnight to find it.  I was at last able to scoop the snake into the can and take it outside, where I released it into the cover of the rose bushes.  It seemed grateful.

No pictures of course – never even crossed my mind at that hour, but in searching for a photo with permission to use, I found this one on the Learn NC website, which actually looked like a pretty cool site and I’ll have to check it out another time.  The snake in the photo may not be the exact type of ring neck, but you get the idea.

Anyway, I officially dislike cats now – at least for a while.  Except for maybe kittens.

Blog Vacation is Over

It was unannounced, it was long, it was necessary – but now it’s over.  In case you haven’t noticed (:-( sob!) I haven’t posted here in about 3 months.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so I did.

After my Mom’s death in July, my father-in-law’s in January, a heavy cold winter, and a close friend’s death earlier this month, I’m determined to focus on life.  And with spring happening in all it’s glory, how can I do anything else?

Our cat put the idea of celebrating life   right in front of us,  producing 3 beautiful orange kittens.  This was the feral cat we thought was going to have kittens a few months back, but that was a false alarm.  We really don’t need any more cats, but these little ones are a breath of fresh air and we are enjoying their antics.  I think we have homes for all three, and momma will be spayed as soon as her mothering duties are completed.

The redbuds were gorgeous this year.  The flowers are beginning to fade now, and the perfect heart-shaped leaves are taking over.  The woods are literally bursting!

And of course, migration is underway bigtime!  I’ve been waiting for permission from the owner of a tract of land less than a quarter mile away to set my nets there – and the word came a few days ago – we’re good to go.

I spent most of yesterday setting up.  It rained this morning, so no banding, but yes…pretty bird pictures to follow.

Life is good.

Wordless Wednesday

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