Mystery Plant Update

imageSo that marvelous flowering cactus from my last post so long ago (yet the very last one on my blog) is a night blooming cereus or Queen of the Night cactus.  Except that the flowers on these last through the day.

I spotted several potted plants in front of an RV in the park so stopped to ask what they were.  As it turns out, not only did this couple know the plant – they claimed responsibility for planting them around the park!

Why the flowers bloom during the day I have no idea..but they do.  Maybe they like the Florida weather too.

What is This?

This awesome plant (orchid?) has bloomed about three times this summer.  It, and several like it, are growing only from the bark of the cabbage palm trees…I can’t find this plant anywhere else in this park.  The flowers bloom for about a day and rapidly close and fall off.


The pics aren’t the best for lighting and such, but were taken on a cloudy day with my iPhone.  And a small miracle happened a few moments ago..I figured out that I could log on to my blog from my phone and upload the pictures! What wondrous technology.  But I digress…

At first I thought this was a cactus because of the leaves, but now I’m not so sure.  An orchid maybe?  If anyone knows what this is, I’d love for you to let me know.  No one I’ve asked seems to know…..


Waiting for Fall


The first day of fall in a couple of days, and I’m fully expecting to wake up to a brisk, 60-degree morning!  Yeah well, one can fantasize.  More likely it will be a moment of high 70s, high humidity, and rapid increase to the mid 90s. I’m not complaining, mind you…when I moved out of the NJ winters to sunny FL,  I promised never to complain about the heat again.  I’m just making observations.  I’ll still take this over snow any day.

Zorro in Space


Well OK, maybe not THE Zorro, but pretty darn close as far as the Z goes.  This is actually the contrail from the Atlas V rocket, launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex this morning.

Having witnessed Shuttle launches from Florida in the past, which were awesomely impressive – I made sure I was down by the lake at 8:30 in the morning for a clear view straight across the flatlands to Canaveral, less than 60 miles away.

Launch time approached, the winds died down, and the three people (including me) who showed up to watch were all eyes to the sky.  I anticipated lots of contrail, orange engine glow, a good view of the rocket, and maybe even a rumble.


And there it was!  What?  That’s it?  That skinny silver speck with that little jet-trail behind it?   It was over in a minute..and the wind picked up the contrail, creating that Zorro Z in the sky.

What I learned today….Atlas rockets are never to be compared in awesomeness to the Shuttle launches…but the whole concept is still amazing.  That rocket was in space before I arrived back home, just a short walk away.


Peace River Revisited

It’s the Peace River, but it’s a different park..this one in Wauchula.  And the River is flooding due to the heavy rains and storms we’ve had.  I’m here for two weeks..if my site doesn’t flood. The water is about 30 feet away…and some RVs whose owners are away are not faring so well.  I’ll stay as long as the water behaves.  We are NOT flooding a brand new RV.

I only unpacked the most necessary items, and the river did crest and recede, so all was well for the first week.  Once the water started to recede I was able to walk some of the trails, though they remained pretty soggy for days.

This is a beautiful park, with some interesting old oaks and vegetation.  It has all the usual amenities if you are in to that sort of thing..I always tend to head for the woods rather than the pickleball courts..though I did observe that pickleball being played…when heard at a distance and through the trees..sounds a bit like wild turkeys.

There are a lot of campers here who are grumbling, but Mother Nature is Mother Nature and there’s not a whole lot one can do to stop a river from flooding.  Hunker down and take your chances, move to higher ground, or leave the area.   I’m very happy I decided to stay, though I must admit I was up frequently during the night to check the water levels.

The water is going down…but it’s not quite there yet.  Today I watched kids riding bikes and wading through the flood waters…not a smart thing to do, especially in Florida.  We have a lot of dangerous critters here – alligators, snakes, and fire ants, just to name a few.  Fire ants can survive balled up in floodwaters.  Alligators and snakes can be displaced and aggravated, just like people.  Granted, the flood waters here were coupled with temperatures a lot colder than what gators and snakes like or tolerate, but why take the chance?  Not to mention sewage and other nasties that can be carried in flood waters.


Mia is Not Impressed


I am really surprised how smoothly and quickly I’ve reverted back to the RV lifestyle.  Having a new vehicle is helping a lot…the first time I connected to power I couldn’t tell if I really was hooked up, or if the lights were on because of the batteries.  There was no noise.  No visible or audible hint that everything was connected.  My ’77 Coachmen would hum…this one, not a sound.  I finally determined, with my brother’s ever-logical help, that the TV wouldn’t work on batteries and so yeah, the TV was on so I was actually connected to the power. Duh.  I’m getting used to the idea that everything with this motorhome is easier..and actually works!
However, Mia is finding the adjustment a little more nerve-wracking.  She doesn’t mind living in the RV so much…but when the whole house hits the road, she’s a little nervous.
I have to find a carrier I can belt into the passenger seat..but for now her comfy bed gives her a place to snuggle in and still be somewhat next to me.  In the old car I had, she used to lean against me when I drove..of course she can’t do that in the RV and so is a bit more apprehensive.  Chihuahuas shake anyway at the slightest provocation, and there’s nothing much I can do for her except be encouraging and make her feel safe.
Of course, ice cream always helps.

Snowbirds and Lettuce Lake


After a whirlwind move, and spending the first few days parked in my brother’s driveway while I repacked and sorted, I decided my first camp would be Lettuce Lake Travel Resort, near Arcadia.  The main reason for this choice was they had sites available.  Finding available sites in Florida in snowbird season can be nearly impossible, so I considered myself lucky.  Anything near the coasts or Disney are booked solid until April..unless you happen on a cancellation.

Lettuce Lake is actually a tributary of the Peace River, and the park..though crowded..still had some nice quiet areas near the water.  Since this first trip was more about getting acquainted with my new home, I think I would have been equally as happy anywhere that had full hookups and didn’t wipe out my bank account.

Spending the week here sorting through all the stuff that was randomly thrown into the RV to facilitate the move.  I think there are some things I will never find.

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